Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Kill It!

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Kill It!

5% Nutrition is a popular brand with wide range of products. One of which I shall be reviewing for you today! Absorb aims to create products to adhere to their three basic rules of well-being – regular physical activity, good nutrition & substantial recovery.

5150 Pre-Workout claims to provide ‘explosive power, heightened focus, prolonged pumps, accelerate recovery, assist in delay of fatigue & removal of toxins’.
This product is quite heavy on the beta-alanine, with around 2.5g per 12.4g serving – which is why I have included an extra section on Beta-Alanine feels!
The nutritional information states it has 35mg of caffeine anhydrous, which really is relatively low for a pre, but the last of the active ingredients states there is 400 mg of total caffeine. So assumable there’s some extra caffeine thrown into some of the blended active ingredients…
Speaking of blends (combinations of minerals/amino acids/other compounds with a specific role in the product) this pre-workout has two – ViNotrix & Pycnogenol.
ViNotrix to increase Nitric Oxide levels & reduce fatigue. Pycnogenol , a blend of antioxidants, which acts as an anti-inflammatory & (in a nutshell) helps improve dilate the blood vessels!
So now the science-y bit is done – onto the testing!

Taste – the 5150 Pre-Workout comes in few flavours. I chose the Tropical Rage flavor! & a good choice it was! I must admit I was mildly skeptical when I opened the tub & saw a grey tinted powder… which didn’t smell quite so Tropical Rage-y… But the flavor was actually pretty pleasant! I wouldn’t really say it tasted of Tropical . Possibly the reasoning for this choice of unusual flavor! I would more liken it to a fruity flavor – almost like drinking juice! I didn’t find it had much of an after taste either which is also a bonus.

Mixability – simply, this product mixed well. Smooth, not clumpy, lumpy, crunchy bits – just nicely drinkable, juicy goodness! The directions state to mix one 12.4g scoop with 180-250ml of water. I was a renegade & went for 200ml. Purely because I like it to last a little longer & I’m less likely to leave any remnants in my shaker…

Beta-Alanine Feels! – well, the fact that this products needs a separate review section is testament to the crazy beta-alanine feels. I was tingly. Beyond tingly. Probably the craziest of the beta-alanine tingles I have ever felt. First was my chest… then was the arms… then the neck… then the quads… & finally the face. It was interesting… Whether it was because I haven’t had a pre-workout in ¾ days making me extra sensitive, or in fact I had an entire colony of ants under my clothes without me noticing – either way it was intense. But at least you know it’s working then! Oh & I was hot. & pink & splotchy – testament to the products claim of increased vaso-dilation!

Pump & Strength – Any strength improvement wasn’t horrendously obvious, I mean I didn’t feel like I could go & deadlift a four by four! But I did notice I had a little extra oomph & a little extra in the tank every set – made particularly noticeable on my improved & increased range of movements on heavier sets (I trained shoulders if you were curious!) & the pump was pretty good! Not so horrendous that I couldn’t move my arms afterwards, but it was in EVERY muscle I was using. Front, lateral, rear delts, bis & definitely traps – which is a rare one for me. I don’t usually get such good trap activation!

Energy & Focus – This was the type of energy boost that creeps up on you… The type which you don’t even notice is coming, or is even there, until you find yourself wide eyed & stare-y whilst you drive to the gym. Or you find words spilling out of your mouth at 100 miles an hour as you try & hold a conversation. Not a sudden slam in the face with door type caffeine hit… more like the slow upward incline of a rollercoaster which eventually tips over an edge.
But I went into the gym with a slight lack of motivation (I have a slight case of the ills…) & I found myself pushing hard. Pushing to failure & beyond. So yes – I would say it gave me focus.

Overall – I would recommend! Strong in all arenas, particularly good for those who really like to feel the effects of a pre-workout! However I would consider the serving size for someone heavier – as I am a 58kg woman… although I do have a relatively good tolerance to pre-workouts – whether someone substantially heavier would feel such intense effects, would be interesting to know…

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