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Whey Protein Review by Mike White

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Whey Protein Review by Mike White


During the past week, I have been privileged to be able to sample a few of the different whey protein supplements that Predator Gear stock.

These are my personal thoughts.

Olimp Sports Nutrition, Whey Complex.

This is a whey blend, 75% protein.

Mixed well, taste was okay. Little bit sweet tasting for my liking if I am totally honest.

For the cost and quality of this product I thought it was pretty decent for anyone on a budget wanting a decent protein then in my opinion this is for you.

DY Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate.

This is a whey blend, 71% protein.

Mixed really well, tasted great. However slightly disappointed with the fact it is only 71% protein content.

Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Professional.

This is a whey blend, 73% protein.

Mixed really well, taste was great.

What I did like about this product was the added digestive enzymes, and glutamine.

In my opinion out of the blends I sampled this has to be number one.

For cost, quality, mixability and taste!

However if you have a bit more money to spend and wanted an upgraded on your protein supplement.

Then without question this was the number one protien I sampled!

Dorian Yates Nutrition Whey Isolate.

This is a 82% Whey Protein.

Mixed fantastic, tastes amazing.

In my opinion this is without question the best of the lot!

I hope this review helps you, these are only my own personal opinions.

Reviewed by @mike_5511

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