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Neoprene Knee Support and injury recovery system

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MADMAX Universal Neoprene Knee Support and injury recovery system

Dangerous Game neoprene bandages were developed to provide the best reinforcement as well as warming for effective prevention and aid recovery from sports injuries. The bandages are made of the highest quality 2.5mm wide neoprene. This provides highly efficient reinforcement and helps to maintain heat on the knee. They warm the injured area and increase blood circulation in the affected area. Maintenance of temperature and simultaneous compression reduce the risk of muscle extension and tearing during sport or other physical loads. Increased blood circulation supports the body's natural self-healing process, reduces pain, oedema and stiffness and helps to accelerate recovery from injury.
1. Effective warming bandage to accelerate recovery and prevent knee injuries
2. Produced from the highest quality 2.5mm wide perforated neoprene ensuring highly effective reinforcement with substantially improved permeability
3. Special anatomic shape and thumb opening ensure good fixation of the wrist and metacarpal bones as well as universal use both for the left and right hand
4. Ideal for all types of sport as well as everyday use; suitable for both men and women.
Thanks to special anatomical shaping this bandage allows perfectly accurate tightening thanks to two opposing locks