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Allnutrition MASS Acceleration 3kg / 7kg

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Alnutrition Mass acceleration is a carbohydrate-protein complex, whose task is to provide both building blocks for muscles and energy necessary for training. Carbohydrates used in Mass Acceleration are characterized by a variety of absorption times, which ensures gradual energy supply, while protein is a pure whey protein concentrate without the addition of other less valuable proteins. The protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass.
MASS ACCELERATION is a weight gainer where the content of carbohydrates makes up 65-75% of the whole composition. In addition, it contains the right amount of protein and fats. Focusing on the protein contained, this conditioner may contain from several to several dozen grams of protein per 100 grams of product. Due to the differentiated absorption time of carbohydrates, MASS ACCELERATION causes a prolonged release of energy.
The effect of MASS ACCELERATION depends on the time in which they will be delivered to the body:

1. Drinking the gainer before training adds energy and delays the appearance of fatigue symptoms during training.

2. Accepted immediately after training, rebuild muscle glycogen stores and supports anabolic processes.

Depends on diet, habits and appetite. It is worth drinking a gainer after a meal after a meal. A high dose of sugar will stimulate insulin, which as a building hormone, in addition to sugar, will also transport amino acids to the body's tissues and other nutritious nutrients contained in the meal to improve the regenerative processes.
From 1 to 3 servings a day. One serving is 70 g of the product dissolved in 300 ml of water or milk. It is best to use in the morning, during the day between meals and after training. May contain traces of lecithin, nuts and other proteins of animal origin.