Why are amino acids important? Well, first of all we need to know that Amino acids are divided into two groups. EAA’s (Essential amino acids) which your body is able to produce on its own. And BCAA’s (Branched Amino Acids) which your body is not able to make, therefore you will need to provide them within your healthy diet or in the form of supplements. The main EAA is Glutamine. I call it the ”Muscle bricks”. It is needed for cell growth as well as serving as a fuel for your immune system. During periods of heavy training or stress, blood levels of glutamine fall, weakening your immune system and putting you at risk of infection. When the level of the glutamine in your muscles falls it will result in a loss of muscle tissue….. despite continued training! BCAA’s are involved with the repair and growth of muscle cells. They can reduce muscle breakdown and promote faster repair. The most important bcaa are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine which often can be found in the pills or powder. Some studies suggest that Leucine can add up to one kilo of muscles per month as well as boosting strength gains and increase muscle mass in novice gym goers. BCAA helps with fat-loss by preventing the exhausted body to break down muscles therefore the needed energy will be taken from fat sources. So amino acids like glutamine and BCAAs can help to boost your strength, build muscles and lose fat. But also it can improve your overall body health like prevent liver disease and protect it from cancer, decrease your muscle soreness and exercise fatigue.