Multivitamin and mineral supplements pills contain a mixture of micronutrients which will make up any shortfall in your diet and boost your nutritional status. If your diet is poor, supplements will help improve your health, resistance to infection and post-workout recovery. Most people would probably benefit from taking a supplement but popping a pill can not erase the health effect of a poor diet therefore it is better first to improve your real food first. However if you workout intensely several times a week, your body’s requirements for many vitamins and minerals will be greater than you can supply from food. So vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements may help you meet your needs better. Remember that a lack of vitamins and minerals will hugely affect your health as well as your performance. So do not be a stranger to vitamins like Vitamin C and D which will boost your immune system. Also do not forget about ZINC with Magnesium which will hugely improve your sleep quality therefore your muscle gain and recovery and will boost up your testosterone production.