Why is Protein so important? Protein is the most important part of a weight training diet. The ”building blocks” of protein – amino acids – are used for repairing the muscle fibers which you have damaged during your workout. Without supplying enough protein you will never grow your muscles. Even more, this can lead to mild problems like: sugar cravings, hunger, weakness and fatigue or bigger problems like: loss of muscles, skin, hair and nail problems, premature aging, risk of bone fractures, affecting your immune system, liver dysfunction or even swelling commonly known as edema. So if you are training to change your body physique and maximize your health, it is a must to increase your whey protein intake. You can calculate how much protein your body needs. Simply multiply 1.4-2g per kg body weight depending on your training intensity. Spread your protein evenly over 5 or 6 meals each day. This will maximise absorption and minimize fat gain. Whether you prefer to get your protein entirely from real food or from whey protein it is up to you. However you have to consider that it is easier, less time consuming and often cheaper to have it from supplements. Therefore you can stick to your 3-4 main meals and extra 2 whey shakes per day. Remember that whey protein is always better absorbed than food protein also it may boost your immune system and protect against muscle breakdown during intense training.