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ActiveLab Isotonic 475g

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- A composition of carbs and electrolytes 
- Addition of guarana 
- Excellent solubility
Run & Bike Isotonic is an isotonic drink concentrate which has been designed for athletes of endurance sports. Due to a special formula, the preparation not only replenishes liquids and electrolytes lost during a physical effort but also helps to decrease fatigue and provides a complex of vitamins. Key components of the preparation are: 
- glucose – sugar which does not need to be digested and it constitutes a rapidly absorbing fuel for muscles and the nervous system. 
- sodium - an element which is intensely lost with sweat during the effort. Supply of the proper amount of sodium during a physical activity has a positive impact on the water-electrolyte and acid-base balances, as well as supports processes connected with thermoregulation. 
Amount per serving    includes:
   Energy value  105,2 kcal
   Fat  0 g
   - including: saturated fats  0 g
   Carbohydrates  26,3 g
   - including: sugars  26,3 g
   Protein  0 g
   Salt  0,88 g
   Sodium  350 mg
   Potassium  130 mg
   Chlorides  120 mg
   Calcium  120 mg
   Magnesium  60 mg
   Vitamin B1  173 μg
   Vitamin B2  220 μg
   Niacin  2,5 mg
   Pantothenic acid   945 μg
   Vitamin B6  220 μg
   Biotin  7,9 μg
   Folic acid  32 μg
   Vitamin B12  0,39 μg
   Guarana extract  100 mg
   - including: caffeine  20 mg
Dissolve one portion (31.5g - one measure) in a bottle with 500 ml. of water. Use before, during (every 15 min.) and after physical effort (approx. 200ml.).