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Alnutrition BIOTIN 5000mcg

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Nervous system Vitamin B7 has been proven to play an important role in obtaining energy for nerve cells. It is necessary for the proper course of the synthesis of myelin – the sheath of axons, which accelerates and secures the correct flow of nerve impulses between individual neurons.

Circulatory system Biotin has a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of blood vessels and the heart. It is characterized by the ability to increase the activity of AMPK (5’AMP-activated protein kinase) in the liver, which inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides, which may prevent the formation of the so-called atherosclerotic plaques and narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels.

Skin and Nails Vitamin B7 contains sulfur atoms in its structure, which is part of the building blocks of hair and nails – keratin. Moreover, it induces the processes of its formation. It has been proven that taking biotin systematically over a period of about half a year significantly reduces nail brittleness and supports the regeneration of the nail plate. Biotin is also responsible for supporting the metabolism of the scalp, having a beneficial effect on the hair root (the so-called matrix), which determines the production of strong and flexible sulfur bonds that bind the hair shaft along its entire length.