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Allnutrition Micellar Casein 908g

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30 servings

ALLNUTRITION Micellar Casein Night Protein is a high-protein supplement based on micellar casein with the addition of calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate which is characterized by a long time of absorption lasting even to 12 hours. Therefore, ALLNUTRITION Micellar Casein Night Protein is especially recommended to be used at night to facilitate the long-lasting supply of amino acids to muscle cells.

30 servings

1 serving 30g contain:

Fat: 0.6g

Carbohydrates: 3g

Protein: 21g

Salt: less than 0.1g

Ingredient: 69.1% micellar casein, 8.6% Calcium Caseinate, 8.6% Whey concentrate Protein, 6% Maltodextrin, 1.8% dextrose, sweetener sucralose