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Allnutrition Sugar FREE Pudding Chocolate /Vanilla

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· Delicious dessert

· Chocolate or Vanilla

· No sugar added

· A delicious taste of childhood

· Contributes to growth and maintaining muscle mass

ALLNUTRITION - SUGAR FREE PUDDING is a quick and easy to prepare pudding with a creamy consistency and a delicious taste. It tastes great both hot and cold. It can be served with fresh fruit, jam, dried fruits, and sweet zero sauces. It is the perfect addition to cakes, cookies and other home-baked goods. You certainly remember from childhood the wonderful, warm pudding that your mother cooked, that is how the delicious Sugar Free Pudding taste. If you take care of your diet then this sweet snack is perfect for you, because it contains a small amount of sugar and fat.

Carbohydrates contained in the product provide energy, and proteins contribute to the construction and maintenance of muscle mass.

Preparation: Add 30 g of the product (3 heaped tablespoons) to 175 ml of hot water, stirring vigorously. Mix everything precisely. The pudding is ready to consume.