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Allnutrition Zinc FORTE 120 tablets

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  •  very strong
  •  high bioavailability.
A powerful effective zinc, up to 100mg of zinc per tablet ( 1000%) ! The most powerful on the market - at a good price!
The benefits of using zinc:
- is responsible for the proper functioning of sex hormones, vitality, physical fitness and potency - improves sexual performance in men.
- necessary for the proper production of testosterone and the development and activities of seminal tubules. Supplementation with additional zinc preparations can significantly increase sperm count and restore interest in sex.
- zinc has an impact on all basic life processes - it participates, inter alia, in bone mineralization, wound healing, affects the work of the immune system, proper secretion of insulin by the pancreas and the concentration of vitamin A and cholesterol. Has a contribution to the regulation of blood pressure and heart rhythm.
- acts as an auxiliary to acne, skin diseases.
DOSAGE: Serving - 1/4 of the tablets after a meal, washed down with plenty of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.