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Extrifit Carni 120 000Mg Extra Pure L-carnitine 1000ml

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L-Carnitine Carni Liquid 120.000mg - 1000ml - 100 Servings
CARNI Liquid 120000 mg contains very high dose of L-carnitine base (120 g in one bottle, 1200 mg in just 10 ml)

L-carnitine is a substance that is traditionally used by many athletes of all sports disciplines especially for weigth reduction. L-carnitine is very effective energizer because it improves fat utilization (itis fat transporter over membrane of mitochondria). Its effect on weight reduction is well known. If You are on a diet and You move enough it can help You to reduce body fat. Many athletes need not to reduce body fat nevertheless they use it because of its energizing effect.

Suggested use:
One dose = 10 ml of Carni Liquid 120000 mg
10 – 30 ml daily, 30 min before exercise, in the morning and evening, on an empty stomach.