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Gaspari Myofusion Whey Protein 1814g Advanced + FREE T-shirt

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Multi-fraction protein - composed of as many as 5 types of proteins
as much as 25 g of pure protein per serving
gradual release time - multi-fraction nutrient digested up to several hours
BCAA-rich product - 5300 mg per serving
zero synthetic dyes
gluten free - GLUTEN FREE
contains healthy MCT fats
reduced fat and sugar content
52 servings in the package!
the highest quality straight from the USA - GASPARI NUTRITION
a protein supplement that meets the tastes of the most demanding athletes
a product from the hand of the legend of bodybuilding - Rich Gaspari!

The cult protein supplement MyoFusion Advanced Protein is a multi-fraction complex based on 5 protein fractions with different digestion times - whey protein concentrate - WPC, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate - WPI, hydrolyzed isolate - WPH (hydrolyzate) and Micellar Casein. The American complex will successfully replace a meal, because it contains slowly absorbable types of proteins and additionally valuable fats that slow down the digestive process even more. Therefore, the MyoFusion conditioner will be the perfect choice when you do not have time to eat a normal meal, you need an anti-catabolic bomb for the night or a constant supply of amino acids to the body. Multi-fraction protein can be digested for up to 8 hours! One serving provides 25 grams of protein of the highest quality and biological value. As many as 52 servings of protein in the package!