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Joker Maximum Whey Protein 80 servings

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Joker Maximum Whey Protein is the highest quality 97% whey protein concentrate.

It is proudly made in the United Kingdom

It is proudly made in the United Kingdom

High in whey protein 

Supports post-workout regeneration

Promotes muscle growth

Supplements the daily demand for protein 

Rich amino acid profile

Joker Maximum Whey Protein is a dietary supplement containing the highest quality whey protein concentrate, known as WPC. Whey protein concentrate is characterized by high bioavailability and a rich amino acid profile. WPC helps to develop a desired sport body physique. 

High in protein

The product provides as much as 79g of protein per 100g, ensuring the supply of all the necessary amino acids. The preparation is recommended to all training people who want to significantly support the shaping of the figure, both in terms of building muscle mass and reducing body fat.

It has long been known that protein requirements increase with physical activity. Unfortunately, many people who train have problems meeting their protein needs. Protein supplements can help you get adequate protein in your diet. In addition, it can be used for a variety of meals, so you can break the boredom in your diet.

It improves regeneration

The appropriate amount of protein in the diet of an physically active person is important in the context of accelerating regenerative processes. A serving of WPC after training not only intensifies the synthesis of muscle proteins, but also improves the rate of repair of damaged tissues.

Joker Maximum Whey Protein is a product with high biological value that provides wholesome, easily digestible protein. The preparation can be used by both professional athletes and people training recreationally.

Amino acid composition per 100g:

Aspartic Acid 8.43g

Threonine 5.1g

Serine 3.49g

Glutamic Acid 14.01g

Glycine 1.1g

Alanine 4.46g

Valine 4.46g

Isoleucine 4.95g

Leucine 8.36g

Tyrosine 2.35g

Phenylalanine 3.4g

Histidine 1.38g

Lysine 9.2g

Arginine 1.86g

Proline 4.3g

Cysteine 1.38g

Methionine 1.72g

Tryptophan 0.98g

Nutrition Value per 100g and 25g serving

Energy 1619kJ / 403 kcal   404kj/101Kcal

Protein           79g                  19.75g

Carbohydrate 5.5g                1.37g

with sugars     2.8g                 0.7g

Fat                   6g                   1.5g

with Saturated 1.8g                0.45g

Salt                 <0.3g             <0.1g


Ingredients: 97% Whey Protein concentrate, acidity regulator, malic acid, reduced-fat cocoa(for chocolate flavors), aroma, Natural flavors & colors (beetroot powders), sweetener: sucralose.

the product may contain soy lecithin and traces of nuts.

Recommendation: Workout day: 1-2 portion daily (morning after waking up, after workout and at bed time). NON-workout days: 1-2 portions. do not use if you are allergic to any of the products compounds. Keep out of the reach of young children. store in a cool dry place.

Allergen Warning: Produced in a facility that handles Milk, Soy, Nuts, Egg, Gluten and products thereof.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varies balanced diet.