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Olimp BCAA 1100 Mega Caps 120 Capsules Amino Acids

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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to supplement your daily diet with BCAA branched amino acids?

By reaching for the BCAA 1100 Mega Caps dietary supplement, you gain an easy and convenient method to provide your body with high-quality amino acids!

The complex of leucine, isoleucine and valine in the ratio of 2: 1: 1, commonly known as BCAA, is the appropriate support for physically active people who, while training both amateur and professionally, must not forget about a healthy lifestyle and a varied diet. one of the top Olimp Sport Nutrition dietary supplements have been repeatedly analyzed for purity, and the innovative Mega Caps technology has allowed scientists of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company to use the right amount of the mentioned BCAA amino acids in each capsule. The preparation is additionally supplemented with vitamin B6, which favors, among others, proper work of the nervous system.

Start acting and bet on Olimp BCAA 1100 Mega Caps! By choosing Olimp amino acids you get:
  • High-quality branched chain amino acids BCAA tested for the absence of heavy metals
  • Help in supplementing the daily diet with basic BCAA amino acids and vitamin B6
  • Hgh content of active ingredients, thanks to the innovative form of Mega Caps capsules
  • Support in the proper functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B6)
  • Help in reducing the perceived fatigue (vitamin B6)
  • Beneficial effect on maintaining proper energy metabolism, protein and glycogen (vitamin B6)