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Olimp VITA-MIN MULTIPLE SPORT MEGA CAPS Multivitamin 60 Capsules

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The best vitamin complex
Nettle and green tea extract
The presence of B vitamins
With the addition of minerals

OLIMP Vita-Min Multiple Sport
Are you thinking about supporting your body, but you don't know which product to choose? You need to think about a valuable vitamin complex that will support the condition of the entire body. Buy a preparation that contains vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts - Vita-Min Multiple Sport from the reliable Olimp company.

Antioxidant - What is it?
You know very well how important it is to effectively protect against free radicals. These are molecules that move within the body to degrade healthy cells by oxidizing them. Their action negatively affects the functioning of the entire body. For this reason, Vita-Min Multiple Sport contains a number of strong antioxidants - substances that inhibit the action of free radicals.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant and its additional function is to help the proper functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C is the best known antioxidant - it protects cells against oxidative stress. We call it a situation when there are too many free radicals in the body. Vitamin E has a similar task. The fight against oxidants is also supported by elements such as copper, manganese, zinc, and selenium supports the work of vitamins A, C and E.

Action of B vitamins
You are often nervous, you have a very stressful job, everyone shifts their responsibilities to you. Therefore, you should choose a product with a complex of B vitamins. They will help you achieve peace and a healthy distance to many matters. Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport contains Thiamin (B1), which is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system, and Riboflavin, which reduces the feeling of fatigue and fatigue.

Niacin, or vitamin B3, allows you to maintain energy metabolism. Another ingredient - vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) will support your immunity. Vitamin-forming folates B9 are responsible for the proper production of blood. The whole group of these vitamins, especially B12, help maintain normal psychological functions. Say goodbye to depression and apathy.

Plant extracts and minerals
Vita-Min Multiple Sport from Olimp was created to give you as many nutrients as possible. That is why you will find in it plant extracts: artichoke, pumpkin seeds, common nettle and green tea. Additionally, it contains a number of important minerals: selenium, magnet, iodine, iron and potassium. Their action will positively affect the condition of your body.