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Power System Power Straps (one size)

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  • Thin cotton strips to strengthen the grip,
  • Thin neoprene lining for better wrist control
  • Double hemming line for durability
  • Sizes: Standard (One Size),

POWER SYSTEM POWER STRAPS Strong, but soft and flexible thick cotton canvas is ultra breathable to keep you cooler during your workouts and better able to focus on your form

· PADDED FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT Extra thick neoprene padding cushions your wrist to prevent chafing and blisters from forming when you're lifting heavy weights

· COMFORTABLE: Unlike hooks and other similar styles, these bands have no hook to get in the way of your fingers when setting up your grip on the bar

· ERGONOMIC: Cotton material, unlike leather, suede or rubber, allows the wraps to be tightened to the required tension once wrapped around the bar

· VERSATILE: Can be used anywhere in the gym. Boost your work out on barbell, dumbbell, D-handle, cable, and any other equipment used for pull exercises. Dead lift, shrugs, rows, and cable exercises