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RealPharm DAA 150 caps

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DAA 150 caps
D-aspartic acid
The effects of your training depending on the supply of all necessary nutrients in optimal amounts. One of these key nutrients is the d-aspartic acid, which can be found in DDA by Real Pharm!
Dispensable amino acids serve various important functions in the human body and their deficiencies may impair the effectiveness of your training as well as your general well-being. The extensive range of products offered by Real Pharm also includes top quality powdered DAA acid.
DAA is one of the key elements of your supplementation. This product was specially designed for professional athletes, amateurs who enjoy active lifestyle as well as everyone who perform heavy physical work. The quickly soluble coating of DAA by Real Pharm makes is the best alternative to traditional tablets which limit the absorption of d-aspartic acid and may cause irritation of stomach lining.
DAA by Real Pharm:
- Enhances protein synthesis, enabling you to achieve the perfect physique in less time,
- Provides the quickest post-workout recovery,
- Improves muscle strength and increases the production of testosterone!
- Another advantage of DAA is its beneficial influence on the male hormonal system. Our supplement will help you to maintain full sexual function and reduce all dysfunctions caused by the excessive strain on the body caused by intense physical activity and nutritional deficiencies!
Regular use of DAA by Real Pharm will enable you to significantly speed up lean muscle growth, gain additional anticatabolic protection and increase the production of testosterone, which not only affects anabolic reactions but is also essential to maintain sexual function and boost the libido!
The purest d-aspartic acid which you can find in DAA by Real Pharm will give you the quickest effect of supplementation in comparison to other products of this type. Try it and see for yourself that Real Pharm supplements are the best possible choice!
Active ingredients 1 serving(1 capsule) %RDA
D-aspartic acid 850 mg **