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RealPharm Real Hydro 100 700g

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RealPhamr Real Hydro 100

700g - 23 servings. 
Real Hydro 100 is one of the higher quality fast acting Hydrolized protein. Best when taken straight after workout.

- High-Quality Hydrolyzed Fast Acting Protein
- Great Taste

Real Hydro 100 is a top quality protein supplement, created using advanced whey protein hydrolyzate which guarantees accelerated absorption.

What makes this product particularly attractive, is the low content of lactose, fat and carbohydrates. Designed in order to provide the best regeneration speed possible, and to maximize your body’s anabolic potential.

Real Hydro 100 is based on the purest natural ingredients. To meet the growing expectations of the market, we also offer it multiple flavour options.

It is not just yet another product containing trace amounts of hydrolyzate. In this case, you get a top quality protein supplement, and we guarantee no addition of other, inferior protein fractions.

Trust the professionals and treat your body to the supplement it really deserves – both in the hardships of a heavy strength training and during a reduction cycle.

Nutrition Value per serving 30g
Energy 16 kcal/485 KJ
Fat 0,8g
of which saturates 0,69g
Carbohydrates 1,5g (of which sugars, 0,6g)
Fibre 0,18g
Protein 23,4g
Salt 0,15g