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RealPharm Testo Booster 180 caps

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One of the strongest testosterone enhancer available on the market.
Testo Booster 180 caps is a dietary supplement designed for bodybuilders and athletes who exercise strength, as well as active men of all ages who wish to support their sexual performance. It allows you to increase your strength, energy and free testosterone levels in your blood and increase your ability to provide more effective workouts and build muscle mass. The preparation promotes sexual desire and improves the well-being of men. It is especially recommended after 30 years of age when testosterone levels begin to decline gradually.
Testo Booster is an extremely effective testosterone buzzer designed for men. It is a combination of eight plant extracts plus DAA, zinc, magnesium, silicon and calcium. This superbly balanced dose of ingredients guarantees the effectiveness and safety of active men and women of all ages, especially those who exercise strength.
The supplement is intended to help maintain normal testosterone levels and, therefore, helps to build lean, lean muscle mass, improves sexual performance, and improves body performance, helping to train more effectively.
Testo Booster is, among other things, a tribulus extract, already known in Arab folk medicine as a sexual dysfunction agent. Tribulus adds energy, revitalizes and lifts male libido, and the saponins contained in it strengthen the immune system and improve the level of testosterone.
Ashwagandha extract is another herbal ingredient that gives strength and support for masculinity, plus has mood enhancing properties. Used in people actively training improves oxygenation of the body and increases endurance. Fenugreek is a help in activating insulin, supporting protein synthesis, and synthesizing glycogen in muscle cells. Fenugreek extract works anabolically because of the saponins contained in it. Testo Booster is also enriched with pumpkin seed extract, which is an extremely rich source of nutritional value. This ingredient cleanses the body and additionally stimulates the production of hormones, thus contributing to the health of the prostate. An important advantage of pumpkin seeds is also help build muscle mass and improve mood.
Testo Booster is also a robust serving of black pepper extract (increasing gastrointestinal tolerance, enhancing protein synthesis, improving blood circulation, stimulating the immune system, increasing concentration and better preparation for intense physical exertion), Saba palm extract - for the health of the prostate and urinary tract Whether the powdered ginseng root, which promotes fitness and immunity, lowers blood pressure and also has analgesic effect.
An important ingredient in Testo Booster is also the maca root extract (without morphine alkaloids), which is a powerful adaptogen supporting the body, especially those who exercise intense physical activity. It helps to regenerate faster, provides skeletal muscle enhancing substances, adds energy and helps maintain a stable hormonal balance that breaks down with age. In the supplement we also have D-aspartic acid (DAA), which is a naturally occurring human amino acid that increases the ability of ammonia to break down, and additionally promotes sexual function. The positive aspect of the DAA supplement is also helping to reduce body fat.
The advantage of Testo Booster is also a solid dose of zinc, magnesium, silicon and calcium, which, along with plant extracts, supplement the deficiencies of micronutrients necessary for active living.
Serving size: 6 capsules
Servings per container: 30
Amount 1 caps. 6 caps.
DAA 250mg 1500mg
Magnesium 66,6mg 400mg
Fenugreek Extract Der 4:1 66,6mg 400mg
Tribulus extract standardized on 65% saponin 50mg 300mg
Maca Extract Der 10:1 50mg 300mg
Pumpkin seed extract Der 10:1 25mg 150mg
Powdered Ginseng root 25mg 150mg
Saba palm extract Der 4:1 20mg 120mg
Ashwagandha extract DER 6: 1 - standardized on 1.5% vitanides 10mg 60mg
zinc 2.5mg 15mg
Black pepper extract standardized on 95% piperine 1.67mg 10mg