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DORIAN YATES Nox Pump Ultimate Extreme Pre Workout

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Comprehensive pre-training preparation containing many ingredients that have a positive effect on endurance, muscle performance and increase the feeling of a muscle pump.

Beta alanine
Beta alanine supplementation increases the level of carnosine in the body. Carnage has the properties of buffering the pH of the muscles, thanks to which we are able to maintain a high level of regulation by temporal states. Taking this substance can significantly improve the functioning of the body.
For endogenous citrulline, it is involved in the urea cycle. Supplementing with citrulline improves the process of getting rid of the improvement, increasing the possibility of arginine saturation, improving the improvement of the circulatory system.

This is this AAKG regulars as a complement to the pump control program. This is because the title of nitrogen is intended to introduce blood-enhancing blood vessels to the blood supply, providing background and marking values ​​so important in the tool tool.
Caffeine preserves the properties of the nervous system and improves metabolism. It works by blocking the activity of adenosine receptors. It reduces the feeling of tiredness and can improve the feeling. Improving cognitive functions and increasing the body's efficiency.
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