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BCAA Xplode 500g – Olimp Nutrition

BCAA Xplode is an extreme dose of up to 6000mg of the purest, crystalline BCAA amino acids per serving.

BCAA amino acids are the basic component of muscles, accounting for nearly 40% of their dry weight!

BCAA Xplode is an indispensable anabolic brick that will allow you to build rock-hard muscles.

The free forms of BCAAs are absorbed directly into the bloodstream because they do not have to undergo digestive processes like protein obtained from food.

As a result, immediately after consumption, they can reach where they are most needed in the muscle tissue.

Benefits of the BCAA Xplode:

  1. Muscle Growth and Repair: BCAAs play a vital role in stimulating muscle protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth and repair. By providing your body with an adequate supply of BCAAs, you can support the development of lean muscle mass and optimize your gains.
  2. Reduced Muscle Soreness: BCAAs have been shown to help reduce muscle soreness and minimize the damage caused by intense workouts. By supplementing with BCAAs, you can aid in the recovery process, allowing you to bounce back quicker and train harder.
  3. Increased Endurance: BCAAs can help delay the onset of fatigue during exercise by reducing the levels of serotonin in the brain. This can lead to increased endurance, allowing you to push through challenging workouts and maximize your performance.
  4. Improved Fat Burning: BCAAs can assist in fat burning by promoting the use of stored fat as an energy source during exercise. By incorporating BCAAs into your routine, you can support your weight loss or body composition goals while preserving lean muscle mass.
  5. Enhanced Recovery: BCAAs have been shown to speed up the recovery process by reducing muscle damage and promoting the repair of damaged muscle fibers. This can result in faster recovery between workouts and less downtime due to muscle soreness.


Ingredients: free BCAA amino acids (30% L-leucine, 15% L-valine, 15% L-isoleucine), acidity regulators – citric acid, sodium citrate, malic acid; 10% L-glutamine, aromas, thickeners – gum arabic, xanthan gum, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose; sweeteners – acesulfame K, sucralose, cyclamates; anti-caking agents – calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide; emulsifier –soy lecithin; 0,02% vit. B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), colours: riboflavins (for lemon, pear flavours), carotenes, carmines, riboflavins (for orange flavour), carmines (for fruit punch, raspberry fusion, strawberry fit, watermelon revolt, strawberry flavours), riboflavins, brilliant blue FCF (for green apple blow flavour), E150d (for explosion cola flavour).

Nutrition declaration 1 portion (10 g) 2 portions (20 g) per 100 g
Energy 158 kJ/ 38 kcal 317 kJ/ 75 kcal 1584 kJ/ 377 kcal
of which saturates
0,02 g
0,02 g
0,04 g
0,04 g
0,18 g
0,18 g
of which sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
Protein 5,1 g 10 g 51 g
Salt 0,60 g 1,2 g 6 g
Vit. B6 2 mg (143%*) 4 mg (286%*) 20 mg (1429%*)
Branched chain amino acids BCAA
of which:
6 g

3 g
1,5 g
1,5 g

12 g

6 g
3 g
3 g

60 g

30 g
15 g
15 g

L-glutamine 1 g 2 g 10 g

*NRV – nutrient reference values.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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2 reviews for BCAA Xplode 500g – Olimp Nutrition High-Quality Branched-Chain Amino Acids Supplement

  1. Reece Smith

    It’s a year now since i have been taking this BCAA along with Olimp creatine and Carbonox. Got a good recovery and less fatigue after training.

  2. Jan

    I recently tried Olimp BCAA and I have to say, it’s become an essential part of my workout routine. As someone who values the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation, I was impressed by the quality and effectiveness of this product.

    One of the standout features of Olimp BCAA is the excellent ratio of branched-chain amino acids it provides. The 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine is ideal for promoting muscle protein synthesis and recovery. I noticed a significant improvement in my muscle endurance and reduced muscle fatigue during my workouts.

    Mixability is another aspect that impressed me. The powder dissolves quickly and completely in water, leaving no clumps or residue behind. This made it convenient to consume, whether I was at the gym or on the go. I appreciated that I didn’t have to deal with any gritty or unpleasant textures.

    In terms of taste, Olimp BCAA offers a range of flavors that are enjoyable. Whether I chose fruity options or more subtle ones, they were all pleasant and refreshing. It made consuming my BCAAs more enjoyable and helped me stay consistent with my supplementation.

    I also appreciate the quality and purity of Olimp BCAA. The product is tested for quality and safety, which gave me peace of mind knowing that I was consuming a reliable and trustworthy supplement.

    Overall, Olimp BCAA has become a staple in my fitness routine. Its effective blend of BCAAs, excellent mixability, and enjoyable taste make it a standout product in the market. If you’re looking to enhance your workout performance and support muscle recovery, I highly recommend giving Olimp BCAA a try.

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