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Olimp Glutamine Xplode Powder 500g

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Glutamine is a an amino acid, that has risen in popularity over the past decade, due to the fact that it is an effective supplement. For this reason, many companies, now see the benefit of adding glutamine to creatine and protein supplements, as an all encompassing, effective supplement, that works. Some consumers, however, prefer to get their daily amount of glutamine through stand alone, glutamine supplements. The benefit of this, is the fact, that you will know exactly how much glutamine you are taking at any given time, as well as the effectiveness that you will feel from that particular glutamine supplement.

This particular glutamine supplement can be taken in addition to other supplements, or as a stand alone product. The key benefits of a standard glutamine supplement, is the fact that studies have shown that glutamine cuts down on recovery time. This can be seen by both the athlete and body builder, as well as those who recreationally work out. After performing, a new exercise, routine, or intense session, it takes an even longer period of time for the body to recover. With the usage of glutamine, the recovery time can be cut down significantly, due to the fact that the glutamine is an amino acid, that aids in muscle repair. The usage of glutamine can make a difference between being able to walk and move freely a day after an intense workout session, or be confined to painful movements, waiting for your body to recover. GLUTAMINE XPLODE, is effective, and great tasting.