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Olimp Max Mass 3XL Mass Gainer 6Kg Strawberry

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MAX MASS 3XL  Strawberry Flavour

will supplement your diet with a very good composition of specially selected carbohydrates and wholesome proteins. This supplement is an ideal source of concentrated energy. In addition, its composition has been supplemented with creatine monohydrate and taurine.

The supplement is ideal as a source of concentrated energy, containing a set of properly selected carbohydrates and wholesome animal proteins, which in combination constitute an excellent foundation for the effective building of muscle mass. MaxMass 3XL  contains a composition of all key peptide fractions of whey proteins coming from three forms: wholesome isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzate. Research has proven that protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Priceless additions on your way to your dream mass!
The composition of MaxMass 3XL  as befits professional products from Olimp laboratories, has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes. It is not by accident that you will find a portion of creatine monohydrate inside. Its intake enables the constant restoration of phosphocreatine reserves - a substrate necessary for ATP resynthesis in the fastest possible way of its reconstruction. ATP is a chemical energy storage compound that is ready for immediate conversion into mechanical energy by the body. The path of its resynthesis from phosphagens, including phosphocreatine, plays a huge role in strength and speed-strength sports.

The addition of taurine not only effectively protects proteins against catabolism, but also has an anabolic effect. Providing this valuable amino acid in one serving with simple carbohydrates allows you to create the conditions for the best transport of taurine to working muscle cells. What is very important - this compound prolongs activity and ensures that the energy is maintained at the appropriate level throughout the training session.

By using MaxMass 3XL ™you can be sure that your muscles will never run out of valuable fuel and a stimulus for growth and regeneration. Only a comprehensive muscle boost with energy and building blocks will give you a spectacular effect in the form of fast, safe growth and mega strength.