3 Exercises for BIGGER Triceps.

3 Exercises for BIGGER Triceps.

Those that want bigger triceps can’t rely on pushdowns alone. Many people in the gym attempt to train their triceps to death by doing set after set on the rope pushdowns.
What people don’t realize is that doing pushdowns puts stress only on the outside head of the triceps, so if that is all you do you aren’t going to see the development you are hoping for.
As the name “TRI-cep” suggests, the muscle has three heads- the upper inside, lower inside and outside. The angle of your tricep training should change regularly so that you are putting stress on all three heads equally.
Here are my tips for bigger, better triceps:

    Every regular gym goer is familiar with “skullcrushers” Most of you will do them with an EZ bar, but when was the last time you tried doing them on a Smith Machine? I know that sounds crazy but give them a go. The smith machine skull crusher is hybrid between a close-grip bench press and the tricep extension. Doing it on a smith machine eliminates the stability factor and in my experience really hits the Triceps hard.
    Alter your grip when using the cable pushdowns. Use an underhand grip and pull the weight down and backwards. The overhand version puts stress on the outside head, whereas the underhand version puts more stress on the often neglected medial head.
  3. DIPS
    If you only have time for just one triceps exercise, make it a dip. It’s a basic movement that works all three parts of the muscle.
    For most people, doing sets of dips with their own body weight is difficult enough. But eventually you will reach a point at which you can do multiple sets of dips and you will want to add more weight. The best way to do this is to attach a weight plate or dumbbell to a rope or chain that’s attached to a belt. Some gyms have a Dip machine, which is piece of equipment which requires you to remain seated whilst pushing down a plate loaded set of handles.

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